Thursday, January 24, 2008

Powerful Idea Producer!

Idea Generator- Coloured
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One of the books in the sidebar will probably be responsible for me and my business partners becoming millionaires.

Yes. Millionaires.

I have been making other people wealthy for a very long time....18 years to be exact. You see, I have managed manufacturing plants since I left the Army in 1990. My leadership talents and ability to run entire businesses for others have made many corporations lots of money. These opportunities have also gotten me to the point in my life where I am ready to move forward to the "leave a legacy" part of my professional career.

I am launching "Nth Degree Consulting" with some talented partners to create collaborative solutions to a variety of challenges for organizations and individuals. Our model for consulting is unique in that we are not a "one trick pony." We have a large group of diverse talent that can tackle just about any problem in an organization and see it through to implementation and value creation.

One of our first endeavors will be a result of the ideas generated by the book in the side bar Smart Start-Ups. It is literally the most exciting book I have seen on the "how-to" of Web Community Development. Author David Silver is an Angel Investor who really knows what he's talking about. He is a visionary and an incredibly prolific author. The book has solidified several ideas in my mind that will, realistically, help me to create wealth and prosperity for myself and my business associates.

Learn from people like David Silver.

Dream Big!

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