Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Love the Book Store

There's just something about going to the bookstore.

There's always so much...possibility? Is that the word I'm struggling for? Yes, I think it is. From the time you walk through the doors, past the latest deals along the sides of the entrance foyer, or in warmer weather, on the racks outside, there is just so much possiblity.

Sometimes we visit with a specific book in mind. Sometimes we visit with a topic or subject in mind. Often, we just visit because we can, because we have the time. Nothing in mind except the possibility. Today, I visited because my wife, Terri, wanted to and I wanted to spend time with her in what is arguably her favorite place. We often go our separate ways once we're through the threshold, and meet up later for coffee and a review of our new-found "treasures." It's a very nice time and we cherish it together.

I came away with Jonathan Yang's "The Rough Guide to Blogging," and Entrepreneur Magazine's "Start Your Own Seminar Production Business."

I can't wait to explore these two possibilities!

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