Monday, February 11, 2008

Encourage Them

The Long and Winding Road
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It's a long road, this life of ours. Long, uphill and down, winding and straight. On any given day we may encounter the unexpected. Often, just the boring and repetitive sameness of a two-lane through Kansas wheat.

What's nice about this journey is that we don't have to travel alone. When you encounter the struggling, the lonely, the frightened, the bold, how do you greet them? With a smile and a wave? With a downcast look, intent on your own part of the road? Do you notice the others?

Take a minute and give. Give a smile...a wave. Put yourself in their shoes and remember how it felt when you were struglling to see that outstretched hand reaching to help. How often the load seemed lighter with a smile from a friend.

Encourage your fellow travellers on the road of life....

For only then will it have meaning and fulfillment.

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Terri said...

You are a good man. And a great dad.
Love you.