Sunday, February 17, 2008

Making _______________(fill in the blank) Happen

As my mind wanders in another meeting that's someone else...I am actually paying a little bit of attention. The message in this meeting is about all of us (25 of us) being responsible for "making ____________ (fill in the blank) happen."

Guess what that means?!? _______________ (fill in the blank) will definitely NOT happen! Why, you ask? Because no one can be held accountable when everyone is responsible. Teamwork is a great thing, but this isn't even that. None of the individuals in this room will be working with any of the other individuals in this room!

Be careful when a group is assigned a task like making ______________ (fill in the blank) happen. At the minimum., you should:
  1. Break "making _____________ (fill in the blank) happen" into individual supporting tasks.
  2. Assign individuals specific tasks to establish accountability.
  3. Establish reasonable criteria for completion and a completion date.
  4. Give everyone one point of contact to discuss problems, roadblocks, and completion dates.
  5. Set up a follow-up meeting to mark the end of the project to ensure ___________(fill in the blank) actually happens.

What? The meeting is over? And I don't have a task or any reason to have attended? Sure am glad I didn't miss this one....grins...

I rest my case.


Peter said...

Looks like you mind started to wander 4 words into the first line...(spell check)lol!

There's nothing like sharing the blame. Now everyone from your meeting has someone else to blame. Just make sure you have a seat when the music stops.

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Thanks for the spell check...long day. Corrected and I appreciate the musical chairs analogy. It really is like that sometimes.