Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Networking Primer

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Social Networking.

A way for people with common interests to connect online. Simple in its application. Complex in its ramifications.

These networks are an extension of our desire to connect with people of similar interests. More intimate than just going to a person's point, click, read website, these networks connect people around the world. Having a conversation with a person half way around the world is as simple as sitting down and entering a chat room.

More than anything to come along in the last 20 years, the Internet has shrunk our world to the size of this laptop I am writing on. It really is an amazing thing.

People have always had a need to connect and form communities. Until the Internet, this took very physical form: Towns, cities, countries, clubs, churches, etc. On the Internet, communities formed around varied and diverse commonalities in a virtual setting. Coming full circle, the social networks of the future are once again returning to the a desire to connect physically.

Most of you reading this are familiar with this topic. If you're not, type in the search criteria "Social Networking" and check it out.

You'll be amazed!

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