Tuesday, March 25, 2008

But, Joe, I'm Confused! What Does All This Have to do With Leadership?

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So I am sure some of you are asking yourself: What does all of this Six Sigma stuff have to do with leadership and motivation?

Simply put, when you put on the mantle of leadership, you accept a great deal of responsibility. When a large amount of people are counting on your leadership, let's say the whole of Erie County's Taxpayers, you must must must be very careful with that responsibility. You see, it's not just the taxpayers that are counting on the decisions made by Chris Collins; it's their families as well.

That's huge.

The mis-management in government is well documented and, frankly, embarrassing (to those with enough dignity to be embarrassed...). We only have to look to recent transgressions by our former governor to see how quickly that "one little mis-step" becomes the ending of an entire lifetime of public service and a personal disgrace (again, if the fella has enough personal dignity to be embarrassed).

Chris Collins has the responsibility that he sought out, bought and paid for (as that is really all the political campaigns are about now...money), and he is using buzz-words like "Six Sigma" strictly for the intelligentsia to tell you how to think. Most everyone that would support this effort is an academician or makes a living touting the wonders of "Six Sigma."

What Chris Collins and Al Hammond know full well is that they are pursuing "Lean" methodologies. Lean is about taking out waste. Six Sigma is about improving quality. That's the long and short of it. But "Lean" conjures up thoughts of reducing headcounts and tightening the belt. Not good images for a political campaign.

So...now he's stuck with the "Six Sigma" smokescreen and we intend to blow that particular of smoke away to reveal what this is really about. We don't know for sure what that is at the moment, but we know what it appears to be about: Politics, cronie-ism, mis-use of the taxpayer's money, and an attempt to keep the average Joes like us guessing what they are up to.

If you'd like to join the discussion, pro or con, please let me know at jpollhein@hotmail.com, or comment here. We are just beginning to expose this abuse of the trust you have placed (mis-placed?) in Chris Collins and doomed initiatives like "Six Sigma."

Leadership requires integrity. Let's talk about the issue and see if our leaders can answer to their constituents. My guess is they won't because they know we're right.

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