Sunday, March 16, 2008

Get Off Your Butt!

Get Motivated
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Like the imagery?

On a lazy Sunday morning, it's easy to be as motivated as that piece of wood. "Awwww. But it's Sunday...wah, wah, wah." The problem is, that many people are as motivated as this piece of wood the rest of the week too! Maybe not the whole day, but good portions of it...

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • "I worked all day so I'm just going to sit and relax and watch some TV."
  • "I deserve to be able to relax"
  • "There are just not enough minutes in the day"
  • "I am just so wiped out! I can't move another inch."

Any of these is occasionally understandable. Any of these every day is potentially deadly. You see, no one can take charge of your life but you. You have to first lead yourself to be effective in any other leadership role. This begins with what Stephen Covey calls habit one: Be Proactive.

I like to call it "Get Off Your Butt!" As the father of 5 children, we don't need anything fancier than that to describe what it takes to clean up a room, do homework, get good grades, keep mom and dad off your back, be better at sports, etc. As a leader of others, I don't need anything fancier than that to describe what it takes to wear your safety equipment, produce what you are capable of, get to work on time, give and receive respect, etc.

"Get Off Your Butt" doesn't take a lot of theorizing and explaining either. For about 80% of the population, it is "intuitively obvious to the casual observer." If any of the other 20% are reading this blog, it really just means if you want something to happen for you, get up and make it happen.

Stop waiting for your "ship to come in." Build your own damn ship! Stop waiting to win the lottery and go after the riches that exist in this abundant world. With all of the information at your fingertips, there really is no reason to wait.

And while you're at it, forget the phrase "I shouldn't have to...." You have to. No one will do it for you.

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