Sunday, March 2, 2008

Money Cannot buy Respect

This is Alan Weiss. (the pic is from his e-mail newsletter, Balancing Act.) He's a very wealthy writer and consultant. I took personal exception to his newsletter content and what I felt it reflected about him as a person.

So I unsubscribed and told him why. He even sent an e-mail back (auto-generated) asking for me to take a minute to tell him why I quit his newsletter. This is where it gets surreal.

This fabulously successful and wealthy guy actually sends me back this exact message:

Aren’t we judgmental? I guess the other 7,500 must grin and bear it.
Have a good life.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! Imagine, a person like this asks for feedback on why someone would unsubscribe to his newsletter and then actually writes back to say, in effect, that my opinion is somehow flawed because he still has 7500 other subscribers! LOL!

My reasons for leaving were value-based. I felt his newsletter did not fit with my values and the person he revealed himself to be was not someone I wished to associate with. Simple, right? (If you send me your e-mail address, I'll forward you the e-mail exchange and the newsletter that prompted it so you can decide for yourself)

Alan Weiss is a very smart fella who has made a lot of money being a...well...a very smart fella. That's cool, right? But he apparently doesn't like people to disagree with him. I actually ruffled the feathers of "The Million Dollar Consultant" enough to cause him to write to me! And be snotty doing it! Again, LOL!

All the money in the world doesn't make anyone right. All the money in the world doesn't make anyone any better than anyone else. All the money in the world won't buy you respect. Neither does 7500 newsletter subscribers....

Per my previous post, the pants still go on one leg at a time....


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

You are of course free to draw any conclusions you want about Alan Weiss and Alan doesn't need me to defend him. Nevertheless, I feel the need to correct you on something.

Your title "Money Cannot buy Respect" and comments such as "Alan Weiss is a very smart fella who has made a lot of money being a...well...a very smart fella" shows that you really don't know the man.

Sure Alan is smart. But you don't get wealthy by being smart. Alan's success is a direct result of the many ways he has used his smarts to help others succeed.

Alan is not respected because he is wealthy. To the contrary. He is wealthy because he is respected. And he is respected because of his true caring, generosity and desire to see others succeed.

Dov Gordon

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Thanks for the comment, Dov.

You're right. We're all entitled to our opinions. I can respect yours while disagreeing with it.

As far as respect, please read his latest rant on the admirer and subscriber (not me) that dared send Alan an "anecdote."

Respect is earned. To deal with that situation with respect would have been to have the grace to deal with it in private, not rant about it on his newsletter, complaining loudly about "protecting his privacy."

He asks for people to feel free to contact him, then complains when he doesn't like the contact, though honest and real and very innocent.

That, combined with the continued complaining about trivial things, caused me to see more to the man than you apparently do.

But that's the nice thing about opinions. I can have mine and you can have yours.

Thanks for writing.


Salesdiva said...

Without having read the newsletter and all of the exchanges, I agree with your point that his message back to you sounded like a little petulant brat. "Aren't we judgemental?" What the hell is that? If he didn't want feedback, then he simply didn't need to ask for it...he sounds like a rich, but whiney girl with his comment back to you. Not like a "respected, smart, successful" rich guy. Hmmmm.

Guess what Joe, keep on laughing about his whiny ways and we WILL have a good life.

Snotty baby!