Saturday, March 22, 2008

Six Sigma Sham in Erie County NY!

This person, Chris Collins, deceived voters in Erie County by telling them he would run Erie County like a business and portraying that as a good thing.

This dazed and confused looking person, Al Hammonds, Jr., is the charlatan who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Erie County by saying he had nothing to do with the hiring of The Center for Industrial Effectiveness to train county employees in Six Sigma.
I am more than ticked off at the behavior of these two politicians. You see, Mr. Hammonds was the senior project director at The Center for Industrial Effectiveness. Mr. Hammonds sent out an Erie County mandated RFP for bids on this training. The bid process is supposed to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at the business.
HA! And again I say...HA!
First, the RFP (Request for Proposal) read like a course catalog from The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (here's a link to the RFP so you can decide for yourself). Second, he clearly stated in the RFP that he was to be the only point of contact for inquiries and responses to the proposal. Third, he gave everyone interested the minimum time to respond, 14 days. Fourth, he did not even acknowledge receipt of Nth Degree's RFP submission. And, the most disgraceful act was actually making sure the Buffalo News printed this after the fact:
Hammonds had said that he was not a part of the four-member committee that ranked the offers from institutions that wanted the county’s training contract and had no role in selecting UB’s Center for Industrial Effectiveness.
WHAT?!?! Mr. Hammonds apparently thinks we're all too stooooopid to see through that line of crap. He was the SENIOR PROJECT DIRECTOR of UBs Center for Industrial Effectiveness! Is he serious?!? "Me thinks thou dost protest too much..."
This is clearly a case of political insiders doing what they always do: Lie to get what they want, Cheat the taxpayers out of real progress in government, and Steal your tax dollars to do it.
In following posts, I will try to enlighten you as to just how ridiculous it is for Chris Collins to even attempt this silliness, and why paying the dazed and confused Al Hammonds, Jr. $110,000 a year to waste your tax dollars is a crime.


Peter said...

I guess when Chris Collins said he was going to run Erie County like a business, he meant the parts of business that include kickbacks, buzzwords, awarding contracts to cronies using the bid process as a smoke screen, reducing IRS suspicion by funneling funds through front companies, and padding PO's for personal gain. If he's done it right all "extra" materials from county projects will be used by county employees "on their off hours" to build his summer cottage on 20 acres of County property. Did I say cottage? I meant storage facility for excess furniture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Keep fighting the good fight. I am a '98 USMA grad working in this industry and hate to see an RFP "process" go this way. In my mind you don't want to work with an organisation like this anyway and you are better off in the long run.


PS - I tried to find you on but I did not see your profile there.

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Thanks, Pete and Randy! I appreciate the comments. Randy, if you'd like to get in touch with me, please e-mail me at I do not have a profile at, but would love to hear more about it.

Best Regards,