Sunday, March 23, 2008

Six Sigma Will Not Work in Government, Especially in Erie County, NY!

Chris Collins and Al Hammonds, Jr's folly of trying to use Six Sigma methodologies to save money in Erie County government are a sham and a waste of taxpayer money.

Wanna know why? Government employees are not interested in serving their customer: you, the taxpayer. They are more interested in protecting what they have staying fixed in the unproductive and dysfunctional ways they have always used. Sad, but the true reality.

Six Sigma, and the proponents that use it as an insidious tool to either line their own pockets or pilfer from yours, is too complex to stand alone as a way to improve an organization, especially in government. For the implementation of Six Sigma to work, it must be sustainable when all the know-it-alls (trainers, consultants, Al Hammonds, Jr., Chris Collins, etc...) walk away. That is the main reason no matter what these yahoos try to fix, they will wind up failing and failing at your expense.

Sustainable Six Sigma, or any improvement for that matter, relies on the people at the user level believing and wanting it to succeed. That's just not going to happen in Erie County government, period.

And therein lies Hammonds' folly. He's a theoretician, a politician, and an academician with no real world "chops." He's never been the guy in charge of the department, full of long-term union workers, that has to try and make something like this work. He has no idea how to engage the rank and file. He is so naive, he doesn't even know that it is his biggest challenge and one he is unequal too.

Whatcha gonna do, Al, when all those folks you want to help you improve the government begin practicing "malicious obedience," knowing that by the time you can even touch them or their jobs for telling you to go to hell, your political pal, Chris Collins, and you will both be another bad mark on Erie County politics, looking for new jobs, when the voters replace you?!?

Guess it won't matter that much by then...Al Hammonds, Jr alone will have pilfered over $440,000 in salary and God only knows how much more in benefits (currently about 40% of your salary) in four years of ultimate failure.

Not bad work if you know the right people. Work for four years, fail to deliver, and make that much money at your customer's expense, with nothing to show for it...sounds like a sweet gig, if you can sleep at night after selling out.

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