Monday, March 24, 2008

Soo...let's explore this thought some more....

Do you know why it's so hard to get the rank and file behind Six Sigma improvements?

I do.

If the workforce does not trust management, there is real fear that cost savings means loss of jobs. This why my earlier comments about the folly of Six Sigma in Erie County government, or any government for that matter. Government workers do not trust the government to protect their jobs. They have seen too many furloughs and layoffs at the hands of inept leadership and do not trust that politicians represent anyone but themselves.

Can you blame them? A reader known only to me as "dss" wrote in the sidebar chat:

As a social worker my customers are the clients. the people who need the help with their lives not having their road paved. some of them are tax payers too!

This is absolutely correct, dss. Many of these people are taxpayers, just like you and me. I must ask this question on this topic: If Six Sigma improvements were slated for your department, and you were asked to get involved by helping the Chris and Al show figure out how to "save money" by being "more efficient," what would be your first thought?

My money is on "yeah, right. And who's job being cut is going to make things more efficient?" How many jobs have been eliminated, dss, without any real changes, other than to put more work on the jobs that remain?

You're right to be focused on your clients, your "customers." I submit you are not in the majority of government workers. Social services is a complex area, but even you must admit the policies and procedures there need some updating and could be much, much more efficient. Still want the Chris and Al show to help you be more efficient with Six Sigma? Or would a good dose of good old common sense help update some of the policies in your department without costing millions of dollars?

I'd love to hear more on this topic, so drop me a comment or leave one in the sidebar. We need to discuss this so we can show the Chris and Al show that we don't want it because it's a waste of time, money, and effort.

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