Thursday, March 6, 2008

When you Feel Like Screaming....

Don't you be yelling at me.
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Mareen Fischinger someone, don't!

Often, at work, the path of least resistance would seem to be to scream at someone. We all struggle with this. That person who let you down. That son-of-a-gun that didn't do what you told him to. That mean-spirited person you don't get along with that cratered your project because of their attitude and laziness.

You might feel better for a little bit, but it really isn't going to help you in the long run. It's a short term fix that violates any trust you have built with the receiver of your angst. You see, the harder "right" is usually to take whatever time it takes to collect yourself and pocket your anger. Then think. Just think.

In the thinking is the answer. Usually, the person you want to scream at is not really the problem. It's usually a situation or process that has failed. Not a person. Maybe it's a lack of training. Maybe it's a lack of understanding or communication. Usually, you're probably partially to blame as well. That's the pill that's a little bitter to swallow.

So, take a breath....there....that's better. Now be the excellent leader you can be and address the problem, not the person. You'll be respected for that.

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