Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dad is not Happy!

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As leaders in our daily lives, we as parents often become a little irate with surprises handed to us by our children's teachers. They often seem to think that we are mind-readers or expect us to frequent their websites to get information. The point is in this day of instant communications, many teachers have refused to stay current with technology and are even more uncommunicative (is that a word?!?)

Recently a friend and classmate sent me this communication to a teacher who surprised him and his son. Any of this sound familiar?

Dear Ms. Whywouldicare (name changed to protect the guilty),

My name is IMnothappy (name changed to protect the righteously angry) and I am IMnothappy, Jr's (name changed to protect the youngster) father. He arrived late to school on Wednesday and was not able to receive his 3rd quarter report card. However, he did receive the 3rd quarter report card today.

Although we are very pleased with the progress IMnothappy Jr. has made with his grades in all of his classes; we are extremely disappointed and surprised with his grade in your Leadership class. According to the report card, you gave him a failing Leadership grade (E) (yes an "E" is a politically correct "F"), because he did not turn in paperwork for a major project. My wife and I have questioned him about your comments in this 3rd quarter grading report and he is insistent that he did in fact turn in the required work for the project in question.

This is a critical time for IMnothappy Jr. as he prepares to send off his transcripts to several colleges and universities. It is imperative that there is a quick and timely resolution to the failing grade that was assessed for this 3rd quarter. I would like for you to provide me the days and times that my wife and I can meet with you early next week at the school.

I also think it would be helpful for you to know that my wife and I are both graduates of the South Hudson Institute of Technology (yeah, you do the initials...). This school is regarded as this Nation’s premier leadership institution. We both served in our Nation’s Armed Forces, corporate America, and several successful private business enterprises. Thus, we feel that we have a significant understanding and practical application of theoretical and real world leadership. This will help explain our heartfelt interest and significant disappointment in the failing leadership grade you assigned IMnothappy Jr. in the 3rd quarter, but more importantly the apparent discrepancy in the disposition of the major project IMnothappy Jr. insists he handed in.

Since you are teaching the Leadership course at the County’s number one High School , my wife and I presume you are appropriately versed in this subject matter. Thus, we find it difficult to understand how IMnothappy Jr. (a student) was not aware of his failing status in the class prior to the grading report. Especially since you noted that a major project was not turned in.

The Best (name changed because I don't want to get sued) High School is known, praised, and nationally recognized for teachers that take the extra effort to assist each student to reach their potential. This perceived unifying trait amongst TBHS teachers is a true display of leadership in action. We are trusting that there is an apparent misunderstanding and that the full measure of the subject matter you have been charged with instructing was not lost on IMnothappy Jr. during the 3rd quarter.

My wife and I look forward to speaking with you face to face and we look forward to addressing the critical issue of IMnothappy Jr.'s 3rd quarter grade and rectifying any misunderstanding on the work in question.

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Peter said...

How about this one:

My daughter's class was learning about nutrition. For 1 week the kids were to fill out a sheet that said what they ate every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being suspicious of some of this teachers previous grading we ran a test to see if the teacher paid any attention. For the entire week we filled out the nutrition sheet identically for every day, Breakfast: none, Lunch: candy, Dinner: potato chips, Snack: Candy

Apparently this was a perfect diet because after turning in the sheet my daughter came home with a "special award" for good Outstanding Nutrition!

Too bad we can't grade the teachers.