Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How do you feel about....

...inspirational speakers?

Not "Motivational Speakers," but "Inspirational Speakers." People who help us to see the best within us. People who try to show us that whatever we want or need or wish for can be ours with focus, effort, and hard work. Here's why I differentiate between the two.

A Motivational Speaker seeks to somehow motivate you to action through external solutions. They tell you what to do. They give you a system, an approach, a quick-fix solution to all of your problems is you just follow their "simple 5-step program."

An Inspirational Speaker seeks to motivate you to greater things by helping you look within yourself for what you need to be inspired to action. They help you see that you don't need some "5-step program" to find the answers to your own success. They help you realize that everything you need is right inside of you and they help you find it.

I aspire to Inspirational Speaker status. I hope that my words here have helped inspire you to see you have within you what you need to be successful, effective, wealthy, etc....

Who do you find inspires you?

2 comments: said...

Well, here are a few of my favorite speeches. You decide if they are motivational or inspirational.
Roosevelt - Dec. 8, 1941
Gen. Patton Pep Talk - May 17, 1944
Martin Luther King " I Have a Dream
Eric Liddell - Chariots of Fire
Capt. Ramsey Address to the Crew of the USS Alabama - Crimson Tide
President's Address to U.S. fighter Pilots - Independence Day
Spencer Tracy Delivers Decision of the Court - Judgment at Nuremberg
MacArthur West Point Adress
Liam Neeson Speech to Workers - Schindlers List
Howard Roark Address to the Jury - The Fountainhead
John Wayne's Address to New Rifle Squad- The Sands of Iwo Jima.

I could go on and on. Again, a very fine line between motivation and inspiration.

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Very cool, Sandy! Thanks a bunch! Have heard almost all of these and think that they appeal to what is best within those being addressed and thus are inspirational.