Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leadership Or Management?

You've heard me say here before that Leadership is different than management. Leadership is about serving others, humility, trust, integrity. Management is best relegated to "things," not people. Yet many of us have official titles of "Manager." The unofficial title of "Leader" is bestowed by the led. Here are some observations on the differences between a leader and a manager. Please add your own observations in the comments section to keep this thought process going.

-Leaders say "we" for good or bad news
-Mangers say "you" for the bad news and "I" for the good news.

-Leaders say "follow me"
-Managers say "you need to get movin'!"

-Leaders work to push information down to the lowest responsible level
-Managers act as if information is power and horde it while complaining about all the calls they get at home.

-Leaders say "how did we fail this individual?"
-Managers say "why is he such a screw-up?"

-Leaders ask "how can I help you?"
-Managers ask "Why don't you get it?"

-Leaders ask "how are you today?"
-Mangers can't really be bothered with how you are today.

-Leaders praise in public and criticize in private.
-Managers criticize loudly and publicly and rarely, if ever, praise.

-Leaders ask for input and ideas.
-Managers believe they have all the answers and don't need anyone's input.

-Leaders look for ways to lighten your load.
-Managers are too busy to deal with lightening your load.

-Leaders focus on results and objectives.
-Managers micro-manage methods.

Which one are you?

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