Monday, April 7, 2008

Motivation and Success

Today I suffered a minor panic attack. You know the start thinking of how enormous your responsibilities are and your chest gets tight, you get a knot in your stomach, your palms sweat...then the fun begins. Self doubt, that tiny little dragon with the fickle sense of humor, starts gnawing on your brain, just below the surface of every thought: "You can't handle it.....You're going to screw this should just quit and go home.....forget about success, you can't get there from here....etc, etc, etc."

Ahh...I hate that little sucker.

You see, that little voice is normal. That little voice is our lazy society where the liberal press would have you believe the average person views life as a "zero sum game," i.e. if someone wins, someone loses. We are bombarded daily by people we know and people we know of complaining about life not being fair, life being out of their control, life being overwhelming and too much to deal with some days. Tell me if this sounds familiar: You're with a group of people and someone remarks "did you hear about the 80 year old man in (pick a town) who won the lottery?!?" Another friend pipes up with "that's so unfair! What does an old guy like that need with all that money. That sucks!"

Nothing has changed for the worst in friend #2's life, yet he gets fired up about someone else's fortune. This is what I mean about "zero sum game" people.

Life is not a zero sum game. There is enough wealth, fame, fortune, love, caring, for all of us to have our fill and share some more with others. We need to realize the abundance of life, not the scarcity.

So...when that pesky little dragon of self doubt starts breathin' fire in your ear, take a breath, realize him for what he is....a minor annoyance....and continue on the path of success, taking the right actions to prove him wrong. Don't panic. Be strong, be confident, and take action to achieve what you know in your heart you can.

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Peter said...

I bought a $5 scratch off last week and didn't win anything. It's a negative sum game...don't buy into the propoganda. I lost so someone else can win. It just isn't fair.

Hillary! Hillary! I mean Barak! Barak! no wait....nevermind.