Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice Family Weekend

We travelled to Baltimore (where I grew up) to visit with my family on the occasion of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was an excellent visit with the family and friends. The video above, courtesy of my 15 y/o son Ben, is of them renewing their vows. The mass was beautiful. My parents were as much in love as 50 years ago.

What does this have to do with leadership? For 50 years, for better or worse, my parents have set the example of what marriage is about. It's a deeply beautiful thing on reflection. We often fail to see the beauty of it when we get caught up in "the thick of thin things." But when we pause to celebrate the milestones, we reflect on the depth of commitment, love, understanding, and powerful feelings we have as a family.

I love you two. I honor your marriage and we wish you all the best.

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