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"The only constant is change."

I think most of us have heard this phrase that originated with the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. Given my experience with change, that might be why Heraclitus was known as the "weeping philosopher."

I hope you enjoyed this four-part post from the previous week. I actually gave a speech at Toastmasters this week that was largely comprised of these posts. It went pretty well!

When faced with having to adapt to change, or implementing change yourself, remember the four reasons change is challenging: That little voice in your head, the Pride of the Past, No Gain before Pain, and It's just not Fair. If you anticipate these challenges and prepare to deal with them head-on, you'll be better prepared for change.

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Peter said...

Ah yes....Heraclitus, cousin to the great manly phlosopher Hisapenus. I think he added to the idea that change is not only's hard!

I kill me!