Saturday, April 5, 2008

Springtime, Renewal, and Personal Development

Today was a glorious day in Buffalo. Spring is pushing its way through the westerly winds and sunshine has made an appearance. It has been a while since we've seen it and it is definitely welcome. It's time to take away the Wii and the X-box and throw the kids outside. Have a catch, barbecue a steak, clean up the yard, and watch the springtime flowers bloom. It's also time for you to pursue some renewal.

Any "new beginning" can be a good excuse to pursue renewal and personal development. Springtime, summertime, New Year's day, your birthday, Monday....anything that is a new beginning. Renewal can take many forms: eating better, exercising, getting more rest, prayer, new hobbies, old hobbies you pick up again, anything that moves your life or your health in a positive direction.

Personal development at this time seems a little easier too. Take time to really think about those things in your life you would like to make better. Your relationship with your spouse, children, God,...are they as good as they could be, as fulfilling as you want them to be? Are you running your life or is it running you?

The really beautiful thing here is that anything you don't like about your life, you can change. You just have to make the right choices to do so. There is thankfully very little that is actually out of your control. You just have to think a little more, and take action.

Have a great spring full of growth and renewal.

Lead your life.

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