Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was recently invited to join the board of directors of the Amherst Youth Foundation. It's a group of people who have come together to try and maintain a facility centered on the youth of our community. I am sure these types of groups exist in your community as well. You should check them out.

Tonight, a committee got together to explore some possibilities for a fall fund-raiser. As we all sat around and pitched everything from a 5K run to a "Duck Derby" to a dinner theatre, I was struck by the energy we created as a group. We all had individual ideas, but when we started kicking them around as a group, more and more ideas flowed. By the time we finished the meeting, the group dynamic had changed. Where there was doubt, there was now confidence...where there was a feeling of too much being done by too few, there was hope.

These groups energize me and reinforce my belief in the power of people united for a common cause.

You should try one....they're delicious!

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