Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tax Rebate?!? It's YOUR MONEY!!!

Abolish the IRS
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The arrogance of government continues...

With the "economic stimulus" package...huh?...

How did this nation get along for so many years without taxing the hell out of it's citizenry? The government of our nation has grown fat, dumb, and happy on the sweat of folks earning an honest living...period. Not news, I know, but still a bit frustrating.

As gasoline prices skyrocket and our government sits idly by, collecting even more tax revenue from us for just driving our cars! Will we see a rebate from that when (if) the prices come back down?

The money you are receiving is yours in the first place. It's an election year and the government is still only interested in itself, easing its collective conscience by "giving back." Get real!

Leadership in our government is a joke. Our government was not intended to be a career. Not intended to be a burden to the citizens of this country. Yet that is exactly what it has become.

Thanks for the "rebate"...now let's start drilling for oil on our own lands.

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