Friday, April 11, 2008

Why Change is Challenging - Part 1: That annoying little voice...

That annoying little voice in your head...
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Welcome to the first of four posts on why change is challenging.

We've all been there. Things are finally starting to run smoothly and you are beginning to be more effective at what you do. Then the boss calls a meeting and says "we're going to change ______________ (fill in the blank)" Change is usually a challenge. You may have heard the paraphrase of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus "There is nothing permanent except change," or more commonly "The only constant is change." But why is such a challenge.

The first reason is that little voice. You know the one. Some call in conscience...some call it nuisance. "Change? That can't be good...remember the last time someone had a big brain storm and changed everything?!? What a disaster! It never works our for the best! Someone's going to lose their job....maybe it'll be you this time! Oh No!!!"

That little voice can wind you into a big knot. Take comfort in the fact that we all hear it to some degree. Ask questions to obtain the data and fact surrounding the change and the voice will be less of an obstacle. If the answers don't add up, or the data is iffy, it's time to speak up. Kind of like I have been doing about Erie County's foolish foray into Six Sigma at the hands of Chris Collins and Al Hammonds, Jr.

Change for change's sake is never a good idea. Ask questions and decide whether or not you can support it. If you can, get behind it and look forward positively. If you can't, you may have some hard decisions to make.

Be the smart person we all know you are and decide for yourself.

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