Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why Change is Challenging - Part 3: No Gain Before Pain

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The third challenge to change is the knowledge that most of us have that it's going to hurt. Sometimes in the physical sense, but more often, in the way it impacts what we do.

The easy example is weight loss and physical fitness. You have to watch what you eat, get off your butt and exercise, drink less beer (hate that!), etc, etc, etc. There's some degree of pain in all of that in exchange for the long term gains: more energy, clearer thinking, being around to get to know your grand children....

Have you ever gone through a software change at work? We did. The company converted to Oracle as our MRP system. What we had worked fine, but they wanted to see all the details at the corporate level (yeah, that had value at the plant level....not!). It was aptly named "Project Century." I think that was because it will take that long to actually finish....a century!

So many folks who foment change do not consider the users in their zeal to make an impact or a name for themselves. They inflict the pain unnecessarily. If these people would just put themselves in the "changees" shoes, they would be so much more effective and make such a larger impact.

And a positive one at that.

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