Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Change is Challenging - Part 4: That's Just Not Fair!

Life is so unfair sometimes (63/365)
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Picture if you will the perfect brat...

You know the one. The foot-stomping, ill-mannered, mean-spirited little cretin, complete with slingshot and ice-cream smeared dirty face.

Now picture that same brat all grown up, stomping his/her foot and saying in a high-pitched, whiny voice "That's not fair! It's not like it used to be! It's not fair!"

Change can turn any one of us into that little brat. It's just human nature that develops somewhere around the age of 5 or 6 that says things ought to be fair. Change often comes without our knowledge or input, yet can greatly impact our lives. We feel a little helpless and we don't like that feeling, it just doesn't seem fair.

This feeling of change being unjust is the fourth reason why change is challenging. Being aware of this feeling in ourselves and others will at least prepare us for the resistance we feel towards change. Recognize it in others as well. Then work to assuage those fears by asking questions and really listening to the answers about how others feel when you try to implement change. If you're the one being "changed," speak up. Question the "changers" and clarify the why.

If it's going to happen anyway, we ought to at least try to understand the change instead of fearing it.

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Could you please print this and read it to Sophia? lol