Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Risks do you Take?

Do you drive a bit too fast? Do you drink a little to much? Do you sometimes mix the two? Do you ride a motorcycle? Do you neglect to wear adequate safety equipment when you engage in certain activities?

Looking back, as a much younger man, I smoked, drank a bit too much, jumped out of airplanes, rappelled from helicopters, drove way too fast for way too long. More recently, I have flown small airplanes as a student pilot and convinced my wife to let me get a motorcycle (maybe next year, honey). So, yes, I still engage in risky behavior.

As my oldest son turned 17, I have been listening to him talk about what he plans to do this summer and see a lot of my own 17-year old self in him.

As leaders at work and in our families, Dads and Moms often attempt to warn our charges and our children of the consequences of risky behavior. We've often "been there, done that, got a T-shirt." It is often frustrating when it seems no one is listening.

Keep teaching. Keep asking folks to be safer. Keep talking to your kids about risky behavior. They may not be listening with their full attention, but the message is usually getting through.

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