Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When You Ask for Honest Feedback, be Prepared to Honestly Receive it

Today, I sat through a discussion that had real potential. It was heartening for me to hear feedback that was, for the most part, being listened to. There was some honest give and take. There was some straightforward, constructive criticism, genuinely delivered and, most importantly, positively received.

This type of discussion where the guys who do the toughest job in the operation of directly supervising the workforce, get a chance to tell their boss and their boss' boss how they did, what obstacles they face, and how they plan to overcome those obstacles, is great in a moderate to high trust environment. (don't even think about one of these in a low trust environment....the "bus" will roll back and forth over many bodies in a low trust environment...).

If you do have a meeting like this, remember a few key points:
  • Keep it focused and brief
  • Listen more and talk less
  • Find a positive for every negative and address the positive first.
  • Say "Thank You!"

Your best information will always come from those closest to the problems you face.


Chester Goad said...

I like that. I call it living raw....

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Thanks, FervantServant. I like that take on it..."living raw." Nice touch.