Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He Who Loses His Cool First....Loses!

Angry Dan
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And it doesn't matter what he loses his cool about!

In this day and age of constant stresses, angry drivers (it's the gas!), 60 hour work weeks, war in foreign lands, the prolonged democratic primary.....it's easy to get a little worked up over stuff! I don't really think today is different from times past in that regard. The current stresses are different because they're ours!

Confrontation can take many forms....from a good old punch in the nose to name calling and back stabbing. It doesn't matter what your justification is....when you lose your cool, you lose.

If you think in terms on The Golden Rule when you find yourself getting worked up, you might just come out much better off.

Take a breath. Take a walk. Take some time to get it together and approach anger with a clear head. The satisfaction of being the loudest and the meanest doesn't last too long....

...there will always be someone louder and meaner.

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Peter said...

This has got to be the most difficult thing for even the most seasoned leader to do, and what sets apart managers from true leaders. In my 15 years in manufacturing I have only met 2 real leaders who have mastered the art of emotion control, yourself, and my mentor from General Motors. No matter how tense the situation, no matter how bad things look, and most importantly no matter how bad others are reacting, you set the example by replacing emotion with logic and leadership. Keep your true North setting and continue to be the beacon for others to follow.