Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's a Crisis! A Crisis!

Total Crisis Panic Button
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Oh my God! You're life is in crisis! Too much to do! Things are broken! Things aren't going the way you planned! Not enough money! Not enough time! Not enough...!!!

Stop... Breathe...engage your brain....Think.

Every day every one of us is faced with many challenges that test our mettle. Sometimes the challenges are small ("I don't want to get out of this bed") and sometimes they are huge ("Where did all the money go!"). Regardless, if we give in to panic, despair, anger, and worse, we will head down the path becoming more entangled in the problems we have instead of moving in the direction of a solution.

The pundits of self-improvement preach and teach that to be in control, we must take action that moves us towards solutions to the problems we encounter. Taken a step further, we need to put some thought into what created the problems we have so we can prevent them in the future, if possible.

"I'm so tired I can't get out of bed!" How about eating better, getting to sleep earlier, exercising....

"My finances are a mess!" Write it all down and figure out where it's going and how to eliminate unnecessary expenses and pay yourself first.

"My love life sucks!" What do you want in a relationship? Why did the last one fall apart? Your actions? Their actions? What will you do different next time?

Almost every problem we have can be solved, or at least greatly minimized, by taking action. Continue to work on what's important to you and you'll get there.

Don't give up and don't sit on your butt. Get up and take action!

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