Friday, June 6, 2008

It's getting very warm!

Tyres at a Tyre factory #4
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As the weather heats up, don't forget to take care of those who do the hard work.

Leaders make sure they look out for the welfare of their charges by ensuring they have what they need to stay cool and safe when the weather gets way too hot! Sometimes, this is made even worse by the working environment your charges are required to work in. If you can't change the environment, make sure everyone has enough water, Gatorade, and personal cooling equipment.

Heat stroke and Heat exhaustion are very real possibilities in hot and humid weather. These heat injuries can kill. They are nothing to ignore. Educate those who work with you on the signs and symptoms of heat injuries and make sure everyone knows what to do to treat them.

Don't leave things to chance. Personally make sure your charges have what they need to beat the heat.

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