Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look 'em In The Eye

The deep Iris
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As I walk around the plant, I am always curious about the lack of eye contact. Many people walk with their heads down, almost as if they are intentionally trying not to make eye contact....trying not to interact with others.

This phenomenon, to me, is a reflection on the individual and how they view life, other people, and themselves. Knowing some of the practitioners of this quirky behavior, they are mostly more interested in themselves than others...self-absorbed and insecure.

As a leader, you must always walk with your head up and look people in the eye. Meet the world head on and without fear, interested in greeting everyone you meet, even if it's just with a nod. This bespeaks your confidence, your concern for others, and your worthiness to lead.

Straighten up and look 'em in the eye.

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Peter said...

Humans are a science experiment. Of course you could just walk up to a person, stop them and just ask "what's the deal"? But where's the fun in that? If someone does not acknowledge your greeting, when they approach, stop, wave both your hands and yell "Hello"! Make them feel as uncomfortable as they make you feel. Most women in an industrial setting present a guarded personality to avoid unwanted conversation or advances from men. But when they go to the extreme they deserve that "extra special" attention. I think it's an absolute riot to watch these people. They are so predictable, so sad, and so pathetic. Maybe when we pass each other we should give each other a hug as a social science experiment?