Monday, June 9, 2008

Passion and Purpose

Bow practice
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Tonight I gave a speech at my Toastmaster's meeting ( entitled "Bowhunting: A Passion with Purpose." It was well received as I used props, dressed in my ScentLock 3-D camo suit with Bow and boots, and set the scene by having everyone close their eyes as I set the stage verbally of a Bowhunter on stand on a frosty fall morning. I spoke with the intent of educating (as much as one can in a 5-7 minute speech) the audience on Bowhunters, Bowhunter's equipment, and Bowhunter's passion and purpose.

As I said, it was well received. A little rough around the edges, but, hey, that's why I am a Toastmaster make my speeches better by trying and learning how to be better.

What are you passionate about? Too often we think others will not be interested in our passion unless they are already involved in the same pursuits. This is not always true.

Drop a line here about your passion. I'd love to learn more!


Peter said...

I am passionate about taking long nature walks on frosty fall mornings. The walks are accentuated by singing out loud to catch natures reverberations as I crackle through the woods in my hiking sneakers and yellow and orange tree hugging attire. Maybe we can meet

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Are you ever serious? Or just afraid to reveal? hmmmmmm?

Peter said...

I am serious with incompetent people to keep my contact with them at a minimum. I am never serious with people who are always serious because they are no fun.

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