Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summertime Downtime

summertime, when the living is easy ...
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In Buffalo, heck in all of western New York, Summer is a celebration. This is mostly because it can often only last a month! Yes, as you may have heard, it is very cold here most of the time...

I find that I enjoy my limited downtime tremendously with my wife and family. Who wouldn't, right? Well, if we are to believe the corrupt media in this country, most of the nation is more self-absorbed than living for their families. Fortunately, the liberal media is wrong.

You see, normal doesn't sell newspapers and magazines. Most everyone knows that, but still the National Enquirer flies off the shelf and we gawk at "Celebrity Butts" on the cover of Us magazine. Silly really.

If you are a leader of your family, you know the sweet sound of your children playing. You love waking up with your wife and snuggling just a little closer. You feel love as you see the dad with four little boys playing peek-a-boo with his smallest one four pews ahead of you in church. You relish conversation with your oldest boy as he struggles to cope with breaking up with his girlfriend. You know how to relax within what outsiders see as chaos.

Lead your family. Kiss your children and tell them how proud of them you are. Hold them tight and tell them you love them. Find the time to put them first. Let them be who they are and keep them safe.

Keep them in your heart and let them know how important they are. Set an example that you would follow, given the choice.

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Terri said...

Have I told you lately what a great husband you are? I love you so!