Monday, June 23, 2008

We Reap What We Sow

DILO June 21, 2008: Is the Corn Ready for Picking?
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Leadership and the development of leadership skill is a natural process. Stephen Covey framed it best for me with his example of the natural process. He teaches that many things are natural processes. You can no more develop leadership skills overnight than you can plant a seed of corn today and harvest the corn tomorrow. It's a natural process governed by the laws of nature. Your developing leadership, like the planted seed, must be nourished with food and water (time and patience and diligence) and given time to grow and mature before the harvest....before the fruits of your study and work in leadership will yield true, valuable results.

Patience is important. So is diligence and passion for what you are doing. There are many leaders who have learned these lessons and many more who will.

Do you have the desire and the passion to truly be a leader? Can you share with our readers here your passion?

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