Tuesday, June 24, 2008

White Collar Man - Blue Collar Heart, Part 2

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The more I work as a leader of others, the more I realize I am more like the folks who report to me than any of the other managers in the facility.

I relate more easily to the frank, raw, direct conversation with my charges than to the guarded conversations of those in similar positions to mine. Too often, the conversations with my peers is less genuine and less effective. Let's not even get into the conversations with the "higher ups." The filters applied to those conversations are not to be believed.

When I have a conversation with one of my employees, I find I understand them on their level. This is mostly because my father, a steelworker of 47 years, told me to remember that no matter how "big" I got, that I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like any other man. He taught me to respect hard work and the people that chose to do it. He taught me that my roots were critically important to my success and the success of those I am responsible for.

If you have responsibility for others, be sure you know how to be a real person. Remember that respect is earned by giving it to others, unconditionally. Take the time to listen and to try to do your best by them.

They deserve it.

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