Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing Energy!

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I just had an amazing conversation with a new friend. Torin Ellis is the founder of a social network called Monday Mover (https://mondaymover.collectivex.com/main/summary).

We spoke to learn a little more about each other and to see if we could help each other grow personally and professionally by interacting with other Monday Mover members and each other. We have mutual friends that we value highly and a belief in the power of friends, networking and helping others...in a word: service.

To be truly effective and valuable, networking needs to be mutually beneficial and rewarding. True leadership is first and foremost about service to others.

I was so impressed by Torin's interest in me. It took a few weeks to actually coordinate a call, but I for one have been looking forward to our conversation. I must say it was worth the wait! His passion and energy, even at the end of a long day, were invigorating!

We are all passionate about certain things. One of my driving passions is helping others understand and develop their leadership talents. It is something I have developed over many years of study and practical application. I am excited by the opportunity to help others at Monday Mover with their leadership challenges and to learn from them as well.

Thanks, Torin!

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