Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dealing with Temporary Setbacks

United States Marine Corps
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My oldest son, Joe, Jr., has decided to join the Marine Corps.

Wow. Feels kinda funny to see that in print.

He wants to "stand on my own two feet, Dad."

Wow again.

The Platoon Leaders Course is in his future and he wants to serve his country. I'm very proud of him. Today, when he went for his physical, he was two pounds under the minimum weight for his height. He also needs to provide the Marine Corps doctor with some documents from his medical file about a busted ear drum.

After waiting all day for this disappointing news, my son says, "temporary setback, Dad."

I'm so proud of him.

His first adult eagle perched on the edge of the cliff, about to fly on his own...

Bittersweet for me. I, more than most dads, understand this desire in him. Been there, done that, got a BDU t-shirt...

Still chokes me up a bit though....

Love you, son.


Peter said...


He will be in my prayers every day he is gone.

Thank you for letting your son serve.

Thank you for carrying on the tradition.

Thank you both for fighting for what others take for granted.

Semper Fidelis

Terri said...

I think he's just like his dad...