Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Legs!

Two Legs a Loungin'
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There is a school of management thought that believes every problem has two legs (translation for true leaders: every problem is somebody's fault!)

Now, when I hear this philosophy, I usually think the manager has a dim view of people...that he/she is always looking for someone to blame. Today, however, I hand and "aha! moment, as it were. Today I realized that this statement is usually true!

What?!?! Have you been hitting the single malt a little hard Joe?

Nope. This statement is usually true because the manager is often the one that the two legs are attached to! To wit:

  • If the problem is an employee's lack of knowledge, the manager may not have adequately trained that person.
  • If the problem is the equipment did not run, it's usually because the manager didn't schedule the Preventive Maintenance.
  • If the problem is a botched set of verbal instructions, it's usually because the manager did not make his/her expectations, his communications, clear.

Too often, the manger is looking for someone to blame, but doesn't look in the mirror.

Leaders look first in the mirror. Leaders ask "what didn't I provide so that my folks could be successful?" Leaders take responsibility for their own failure to set their folks up for success and look to learn how to do it better next time. It's how leaders grow and get very good at what they do.

Leaders are accountable for whatever does or does not happen on their watch.

You can learn to be a leader and I can help. Drop me a comment and we'll take action together!

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Peter said...

Didn't you see the movie "Bug's Life"? To quote Hopper, the head grasshopper..."Oh, under new management, so it's your fault...the first rule of management is, everything is your fault".