Saturday, August 9, 2008

Anonymous Cowards

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You gotta love those cowards that can't sign their comments. Especially those who don't have the intestinal fortitude to look a person in the eye, man to man, and actually have a conversation about their disagreements or different points of view.

I moderate comments here as I like to keep things on a professional level. That being said, I will post any comment (clean, please) from anyone with a real identity. Some people will never truly face life head on. They will always point at others as the reason they don't have what they want. It's always someone else's fault. Whenever someone else gets ahead, they somehow feel like they got screwed. Pathetic really. These are the kinds of folks who cry foul when someone else wins the lottery, even though they never buy a ticket. To them life is a zero sum game: If someone else wins, they lose.

Don't be one of these sad and pitiful creatures. Stand up for yourself. Be a man/woman and make your own fortune, make your own luck. If you disagree with someone, look them in the eye and tell them why. It's okay to disagree with one another. It's healthy to express your own viewpoint. That's all the words here viewpoint. If these words stir some emotion in you, remember that it's not the's your response to them that is controlled between your ears. That which separates us from lesser animals on this planet is between stimulus and response, we get to choose. If you choose to be upset by what's written here, remember, it's your choice.

If you don't like it, that's okay. You clicked on the site. You read this far. You can just as easily go somewhere else and read whatever you like. It's really that simple. Vote with your mouse.

If you choose to come back, that's okay too. If you disagree and want to open a dialogue on your thoughts, post a comment with your identity on it. That's cool. We'll chat and maybe agree to disagree agreeably. But we'll deal with each other respectfully and directly. That's what grown-ups do, right?

But please don't post comments anonymously.

Cowards are not welcome here.


Salesdiva said...

In my humble bytchie opinion, I whole hardely agree with you. Stop the bytchazzedness and man up. Stand for something, please, or shut the eff up. Don't lurk and then pretend you are coming out to state your "opinion" while trying to hide behind anonymous. Uggaahhhh!

I believe that your posts are always on point, and if I didn't - you could count on me to constructively argue my point of view. I still expect a hug and then reflection over a cigar and a good scotch afterward.

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Thanks, Salesdiva. For those of you paying attention, this is what a post looks like when you're not afraid to comment. Salesdiva and I do not always agree, but we respect each other enough to look one another in the eye and have a discussion.

Peter said...

I also agree with you 120%...the extra 20% is makeout so I get more on

If it truly was a knucklehead they deserved it. If it was someone's cry for help I hope they realize they need to address it. In that case you were just an easy target.

Blog on my friend. A humble manager will learn leadership from reading what you write.