Wednesday, August 6, 2008


somnambulist by Jackie Alpers
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I find the concept of Intensity very intriguing.

We can define intensity in any number of ways, all of which boil down to the same thing...


To focus, you must know what your target is and what it is you need to accomplish. This is exactly where many organizations and leaders fall short. You see, if we respond emotionally to a disappointing situation, anger is mistaken for intensity. If you must be angry to be intense, please go become an "individual contributor" because you should not be in charge of others.

Emotions are part of who we are. Leaders must be in control of their emotions at all times when dealing with their responsibilities. That, my friends, is not a simple task. We are, by nature, emotional beings. As leaders, we must learn the warning signs of when we are acting from anger and work to avoid putting ourselves and our subordinates into those situations. Take a breath, go get a drink of water, take a walk around the grounds, whatever it takes to regain your control. If you do lose control, it is your duty as a leader to apologize as soon as you are emotionally able to (and as soon as the target of your ire is emotionally capable of receiving your apology).

To focus appropriately, work with your team to determine what is most important and go to work on dealing with that.

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