Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Link to Soldier Demographics

Ronald Wilson Regan
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I was a young kid 2 months out of high school when I got on a plane for the first time in my life and departed for my future. The fella above, Ronald Regan, was the Commander in Chief. August 1, 1981. Off to basic training. 140 lbs soaking wet. Son of a steelworker, adopted at birth and raised in a middle class, blue-collar home. I joined the Army to serve my country, learn a skill, and save money for college. The opportunities that came my way after that day are my blessings.

Today, a classmate of mine from the Academy, Dan Carlo, sent me this link:


This is a link to a research paper on the demographics of who serves in the Armed Forces today. It's a very scholarly and informative piece that de-bunks quite a few myths about who is defending our freedom. I love the fact that things haven't changed much in the demographics since I was a young soldier.

Pray for them.

Thank them when you see them.

Do what you can to help their families if you get a chance.

Honor their service. They're doing it for us.


Tom said...

Great paper Joe! Don't forget to wear red every Friday to show your support for our troops!

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

...and encourage others to do so as well. I had a thought for a patriotic project. Look me up when you get a minute to discuss. And thanks for leaving a note! I know you've been visiting faithfully (he reminds me to post!) and I appreciate the feedback.