Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Week From Hell

Hell or Paradise?
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Soooo....Let's recap, shall we?

Monday: First day of prep for the Dog and Pony show followed by Toastmasters.

Tuesday: Second day of prep for the Dog and Pony show (at my desk at 4:30am) followed by my son asking to do the paperwork to join the Marines to become a Platoon Leader after college.

Wednesday: Final preparations for the Dog and Pony show followed by drama at the Rotary meeting followed by hours of grilling the recruiter and finally signing all the forms for Joe to go for his physical the next morning.

Thursday: Dog and Pony show day. Much angst and criticism while trying to manage my son's recruiter who got him to MEPPS late, and left him sitting while those wonderful military doctors forgot who/where he was, followed by his disappointment over a minor ear problem they needed more information on keeping him from actually getting in.

Friday: Week from Hell almost over. Funeral for a friend's dad, long workday followed by a nice evening with the children in front of a campfire talking about...stuff.

Saturday: At work at 6:20am (yes, Saturdays are required and we try to share the load, but my turn in the hopper sucks....), home by 9:45, dad fixing stuff then an emergency call to come to work by the safety manager/plant manager to address safety concerns that apparently no one else could handle (that, in truth, had already been handled by the excellent Safety Captains already on the shift), followed by going home to watch a movie and collapse.

Sunday: End of the week from hell. Up at 6am, off to church at 8am to thank my God for the challenges he set before me and the strength to continue to achieve and lead, over to the Eden Corn Festival to drop off some fliers for our Rotary Car Show next week and to watch my daughter have a wonderful time riding the rides on the midway. Home to shuck some corn and here I am in front of the PC....

Whew! On the importance meter of life, death, and all things universally important, this week doesn't mean much. On the stress meter, I must say the week has been very challenging. When you have responsibility for, employees, volunteers...some weeks are incredibly tough. Trust in yourself and in your family and in your employees and in your volunteers and in your God. You will be successful if you believe you will and apply yourself with confidence to your tasks.

But....I sure am glad it's over!


Peter said...

Is it safe?

Terri said...

Ah, yes, baby! But you do it all so well!
Love you!