Monday, September 1, 2008


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Summer's over folks! Back to work!

As we head into the last part of 2008, try to stay focused on what's important. Leadership, in all it's forms, is a challenge...much more than management. There's no "on/off" switch on people, so you have to engage their brains. Management does not do that....leadership does.

I've blogged here often on the difference, so frequent readers should know the mantra: You "manage" things. You lead people. If you are capable, that is. Too many people who are not in charge of their own emotions are actually given responsibilities for others. This often leads to disastrous results for organizations and people's careers. Many an otherwise capable and efficient operation has been destroyed, along with countless people's livelihoods, by incompetent managers masquerading as leaders.

Don't be one of those people. Leadership can be learned. It is not a trait bestowed at birth. It's also not a quick or easy study. Learning leadership and becoming a leader is a natural process. A natural process that has, at its core, your desire to admit where you need to work on yourself first. Leadership, after all, starts with an understanding and improvement of ourselves.

Are you ready for that kind of responsibility?

Are you worthy to lead others?

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