Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oil Sands and Big Trucks!

Cat Dump Truck
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What a big truck!

These vehicles are used to haul the oil sand to the refining process in the oil sand fields of Northern Alberta, Canada. Never thought I'd ever get to Alberta, let alone Fort McMurray, 400 miles north of Calgary, but that's where I am heading.

I have decided to pursue consulting full time and my first project will be "way up there." I am very excited about the opportunity to apply my background in an environment where people actually want my help to take their organization to the next level, or to implement intelligent solutions that enable them to work smarter, not harder.

Corporate America, especially those antiquated, old-school, muscle-managed organizations that have not seriously updated their business practices in 50+ years, often looks the gift horse in the mouth. Many backwards industries still think the way to motivate people is to "beat them until they do what we want." They disrespect their people constantly and thus devalue their most important assets.

I say, good riddance to that life.

I say hello to a world where I can truly work with people who can make a difference in organizations that want and will appreciate my help.

Hello, consulting!

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Peter said...

Right on target as usual. We're gonna rack up some frequent flyer miles. Luckily I speak Canadian...lol