Monday, October 27, 2008

Acclimated and Oriented

Whew! I am back in Fort McMurray on my third trip on this project and am feeling a little more like I'm getting in the groove. The project is rolling along and the first 10 day rotation went very well, so now it's time to get back to keeping everyone up to date. I think I'll start tomorrow with a couple of posts on how what an American professional has to go through to legally work in Canada. It's an interesting bit of paperwork, made easier for me by the company I am contracted with, but still very interesting. It was also easier for me living about 20 minutes from the bridges into Canada. I just went up on a Saturday morning and submitted all the paper work. It actually took longer to cross back into the US than it did to get my NAFTA Professional work permit in Canada! I can officially report our borders are secure and those Canadian shoppers aren't going to pull the wool over our eyes anytime soon!

More tomorrow!

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