Monday, October 6, 2008

And so the Adventure Begins!

And so, with the alarm going off at 3:45am this morning and a brief cuddle with the Mrs., I am up and into the shower and off to the Toronto Airport where, Grande Chai Latte consumed, I sit writing to you this morning at 8:30am waiting on a flight. Though the day started early, the trip by taxi shuttle from home to the Toronto Airport (border crossing included) can take much longer if I leave later in the day, so I am content to get up early and wait here to ensure no travel issues.
My consulting work will take me to the Athabasca Oil Sands in northern Alberta, Canada. My project will be very interesting and challenging and I will post here what I learn about leadership, consulting, travel, working as an American professional in Canada, being away from home, and anything you ask me to write about.
On that note, please feel free to contact me here if you want me to address any concerns or questions you might have about things I write about. I know I found very little information on the Oil Sands that was of use on a personal/professional level, so I hope to chronicle as much information as I can about simple things like:
  • Who has the best Cell coverage in Fort McMurray?
  • Where to stay and when to book
  • Best travel options and things to consider
  • NAFTA professional status acquisition and documentation
  • Crossing the Border regularly
  • Staying in shape on the road
  • Attitudes and personalities in the world of consulting
  • What it's like to travel to work

Later this week, I will try to chronicle the adventure of getting a work permit as an American NAFTA Professional working in Canada from a practical viewpoint. It's something I had no idea about, but have completed and gone through and can share tips and pointers.

Wish me luck and come along for what should prove to be an interesting ride!

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Terri said...

Oh My Sweetheart!
I hope you enjoy this adventure and learn a lot. Just remember to come home again, because we miss you so!