Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fort McMurray, Alberta...What a town!

So I got here yesterday, right on time and had to rent a car. When i went out to the car, I noticed a 3 foot long crack snaking it's way across the front windshield. When I went back in to the counter and told the young lady, she said "yeah, they're all cracked."

Welcome to Fort McMurray!

The reason "they're all cracked" is that people typically drive the rental cars 75km north on the only real highway in the area to the Oil Sands mines. This is an incredible place where everyone here is making lots of money working long hours to extract Bitumen from the ground. The economy is crazy with a typical hotel room costing $209cn a night and gas at $1.25 a litre! They also charge a daily rate PLUS mileage for the rentals with or without the cracked windshield.

People are travelling from all over Canada to work up here and "strike it rich." It really is an amazing site, especially on the hour and a half drive north, just to get to the mines.

Stay tuned! More to come!


Anonymous said...

cold up there ? good to see that you are out and about...don't see much traffic from akron on your blog, out of sight out of mind i guess...best of luck on your adventure

chuck mccabe

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Getting cold up here, but not too bad. Way out of sight, I guess, but it's a great gig. Thanks for your concern and friendship.