Thursday, October 9, 2008


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Found this pic on Flickr and it about sums up the way it feels to stand beside one of these behemoths! I finally got to climb around on one and it felt like someone hit me with a shrink-ray!

What an experience it is here in the Oil Sands. It truly is unique and unlike any place I have ever been. When you think "boomtown" you think excess and an unreal quality to normal things. One fella told me he purchased a 1500 sq ft mobile home on a 1/2 acre lot for...get this....$450,000! No kidding! A starter home is going for $650,000. Basic. 3 BR on a 1/2 acre. Incredible!

It's the oil, my friends. There are many companies tapping into the bitumen resource and the reserves are vast. The faster they can process the oil at the current high prices, the more money there is to be made. As long as oil stays high, this boom will continue and people know it.

I've heard that people come here to work for 12 days and then fly home for 12 days. and the companies they work for pay them to fly back and forth as well as incredible wages. Like you would not believe.

What a great time for our Canadian friends. If you live in Canada, you know a lot about the opportunity here. And many will make their fortunes here and retire early.

Can't wait to see what winter has in store! LOL!

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