Friday, November 21, 2008

The Center for Oral History at West Point

Wow! Thanks to classmate Donna McAleer, I have learned of an amazing project underway at the United States Military Academy at West Point. It is called the Center for Oral History. About the project:

"The West Point Center for Oral History will be the premier oral history archive of the story of the American soldier, in both war and peace. It will serve as a powerful learning tool for West Point cadets and as an important research center for historians and the general public.
Interview subjects will range from veterans of World War II through soldiers returning from the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Textbooks struggle to keep up with the challenges of 21st century warfare. This archive brings the cadets’ education up to the moment, allowing those returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere to prepare those who will follow.
A Center for Oral History allows cadets and the general public the opportunity to hear first hand the experiences of soldiers from World War II forward. It also creates an historical record where one has not yet existed.
Finally, through film and publishing projects established in partnership with some of the most creative journalists, filmmakers and historians working today, this project will help close the gap of understanding that has long hindered public discussion
. "
Please go to the site and have a look at one of the most impressive videos I have seen in some time. As a grad, it gave me chills.
Here's the link:
This one is going to be awesome!

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Sandy's Place said...

Brought chills up my spine and tears to the eyes. If the intro video is any representation of what's to come, I can't wait for the next "oral history" video. Thanks for the post.