Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Morning!

The full time travelling consulting position is really very interesting.

I am working with clients trying to assist them in improving their operations. The answers are not earth-shattering revelations. The solutions are more on the order of data and fact, tried and true. Throughout my career in leadership, I am often amazed at how some organizations are literally paralyzed by their fear of change. This is ironic in the face of the fact that the only constant is change.

I also figured I would have more time than I currently do to blog and relax a bit. Nope. It's a rigorous gig that takes a lot of self-discipline to to well. Yesterday, for example, we left for the site at 5:30am. We worked there until about 12:30pm and then drove back the hour it takes to get back from the client's site. We then grabbed a quick bite for lunch and then headed back to the hotel for another series of meetings. I was thinking we'd finish up in a few hours....nope! It was 8pm before we finished and went to dinner! After a day like that, which is how most days go in the gig, there's absolutely no "me" time.

I come back, call the family, check my e-mail and hit the sack. Interesting to me how crammed the time is and how quickly it goes by.

As a leader, you have to constantly re-assess, constantly adapt to change. Teaching that skill, however, is even more challenging than practicing it...

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