Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Procedures, Interview, and Appoval of your Canadian NAFTA work permit

As promised, here's the rest of what you need to know to get your NAFTA Professional Work Permit to work in Canada:


When you are inspected you should advise the CIC officer that you are making an in-person NAFTA professional application as one of the 63 designated professional fields.

If you are flying into Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, you will be inspected at the airport. If you are driving, you will be inspected at the border. (Some of the smaller border crossings do not have a NAFTA officer, so you may have to make your initial NAFTA professional entry at a different border crossing. Some border crossings will accept NAFTA applications only during designated times when a NAFTA officer is present.)

The inspection interview:

Whether you intend to enter by air or automobile, the CIC officer will ask questions about your purpose in coming and how long you intend to stay. Review the letter from your employer in advance and refer to the letter when you are speaking with the officer. As a Management Consultant, for example, you will want to stress that you are not actually engaging in day-to-day work activities or performing work regularly performed by your client’s employees, but instead are entering in connection with a consulting project which seeks to improve your client’s business strategies, administration, organization, and/or operations.

Answer all questions honestly. If you fail to cooperate in any way, or if your answers create uncertainty about whether you meet the NAFTA professional requirements, you may be delayed or even denied entry.

You will be asked about any history of criminal violations. This is routine. If you have a history of criminal violations, you should review this in advance with your employer.

Approval and duration of stay:

A U. S. citizen admitted to Canada under NAFTA will receive a work permit allowing the applicant to live and work in Canada for the period of time required by the employer, up to a maximum initial period of stay of one year. NAFTA professionals can receive extensions of stay in one-year increments. There is no outside limit on the total period of stay in the NAFTA professional category.

That's about it! If you want to discuss the process, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Good Luck!

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